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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All That Glitters... Is David Guetta!

First of all, walking into Roseland Ballroom is exciting in itself. The 75+ year old ballroom on 51st Street, that housed the likes of Louis Armstrong, Fred Astaire and countless others, was like walking back in time. The low ceilings, curved walls, oversized stairways and dark wood fit right into my minds eye of what the original ballroom would have looked like in its hayday. However for the night, this old-world venue was being transformed into a liturgy of colour, light, imagery and sound.

Doors opened at 9pm with various DJ's warming the crowd up with remixed favourites and coloured fanfare. Guetta started at 1am and continued on into the night finishing up at around 5am (this I'm not exactly sure as we had to pull ourselves away at 3am due to early morning schudules, however I'm sure the music was still going when we woke the next morning).

The set was incredible and just seemed to get better and better with each song that passed. Awesome to see the likes of Travis Barker mixing it up with the general crowd, rather than in the roped off VIP section. His oversized snow jacket and tattoos gave him away, but on a general scale no one noticed him and he was able to enjoy the music the same as the rest of us. Highly recommend seeing Guetta if you get a chance - for all  Aussies he's playing Creamfields early late April/early May and you can grab tix from Moshtix http://www.moshtix.com.au/

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