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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not So Usual Suspects - n.a.w.a.l's Top 5 LA Fashion Haunts

-Slow 7474-
Forget your local recycled clothing store because when we’re talking vintage you can’t beat this Mecca. The mixture of American antique and boho chic, generates a well worn feel that is both inviting and detrimental to the wallet. Twisted steel, exposed brick and wood accents,  together with a desert/post apocalyptic presence makes the experience not just vintage heaven but architecturally enjoyable. Selling  anything and everything from shoes, clothing, accessories, as well as their own line As Is, they are always my first stop after LAX. For those who can’t get there soon enough -  they now ship internationally!

7474 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles CA, 90046


Talk about bang for your buck! This small boutique chain are great for getting latest styles at great prices. I love the Westwood store and always find myself walking out with a swag full of items that were a definite need, not just a want.

Westwood Village
1065 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Certainly one of my diehard favourites. The two storey store in Santa Monica displays an aesthetic mix of converted loft and country America that serves as the perfect stage for the fashionably comfortable apparel that fills their racks. Great for an alternative to your regular season staples, Anthropologie basics always offer their own unique take on comfort and style. Their home ware lines are wonderfully personable and range from knick knacks right through to bedding, curtains and rugs. Whether I'm shopping for myself or buying gifts for others, I can always rely on Anthopologie to be holding the goods! 

3rd Street Promenade
1402 Third St. Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401


-Casare Paciotti
Not for the lover of bargains but no matter your shopping budget you can’t help but stop to ogle the striking footwear on display (even if it’s just to window shop). The craftsmanship and unique design, materials and colour palate make Mr Paciotti’s creations somewhat of a “must see” season attraction.  At circa $1000US a pop, a closet full of Casare Paciotti may be unrealistic, but we can always dream!

9528 Brighton Way 
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


-UCLA Campus Store–
Probably not the typical retailer you’d see on a fashion list, but out of all the items in my overstuff wardrobe I have to say that my UCLA apparel are not few or far between. Whether its around the house of running down to the supermarket, I live in my branded sweatpants, department tees and oversized hoodies. Combine great quality and the fact that their apparel often gives the illusion that I'm sportier than I actually am (and possibly smarter being UCLA and all... sorry USC but maroon isn't really my colour!) and you have the answer as to why this university store made my list!

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