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Friday, March 2, 2012

A New York Intro

First cab off the blogging rank (literally and figuratively) is a dedication one of the most influential cities in the world. For its old world glamour and collective new age slant on metropolis living, New York City has become one of my favourite urban destinations to date. Having first visited the city in the mid 90's at an impressionable age, I would have been forgiven for being intimidated by the sky-scraping skyscrapers, the hustle of the average New Yorker, the ever changing atmosphere of the burrows, the clanging of the underground and the unforgivable current of yellow taxis. This coupled with the understanding that my mother wouldn't enter the city wearing her expensive watch in fear of someone chopping her hand off to steal it made the city seem impossibly impenetrable and otherworldly to me. Move forward to 2012, a little older and having had let go of that comforting hand (that luckily was never chopped off), I was given the opportunity to spend two solid weeks roaming the island and I can now safely say that New York has one me over and I am now officially on the Carrie-esque bandwagon called "I Heart New York".

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