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Sunday, March 25, 2012

FOUND! Cosmo Anyone? No I'll Have a Manhattan with a Twist of Moroccan Oil Thanks!

Im pretty sure when the people at Drybar were coming up with their concept, they had me in mind, well at least the modern city dweller that values the necessity of well styled hair without the price. I’ve been told that I’m lucky to have the hair I have. My long thick tresses that resemble the curly version of Beyonce when not blowdried, may be on many peoples wish list, however wanting it and actually having it are two entirely different things. When done properly (by all you fabulous hairdressers out there – shoutout to Jessica from Drybar New York and Jen from Maurice Meade Perth) even I am jealous of my own hair. Trying to recreate the hairdressers creation on my own never works and I definitely can’t afford a standing bi-weekly appointment at any regular salon.

ENTER: Drybar

All they do is blowouts for today's woman (and man) on the run! Their staff is amazing and quick, their pricing is affordable, and you get to pick from a variety of styles (personal fav The Straight Up and The Cosmo) from their bar menu. Couple this with bright yellow architectural accents (if you didn’t already know colour makes me happy) and the latest rom-com on the flatscreen, then tickle me pink... I’m one satisfied customer! One problem…. At present they only inhabit the US, here’s hoping (and pryaing for all problem hairowners of Australia) they reach our shores soon!


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